Diverse Learning

Academic and pastoral support for students


This is our vision: that Loreto Schools offer a Catholic education which liberates, empowers and motivates students to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service.

Loreto Schools of Australia Mission Statement (2010)

Diverse learning at Loreto Kirribilli provides academic and pastoral support for students who have a wide range of identified learning difficulties.

Effective and respectful processes exist for the early identification of students requiring additional support.

The school works with identified students in a variety of ways:

  • Supporting the student's learning in the mainstream setting
  • Provision of specific literacy and numeracy programs
  • Designing teaching and learning programs to support particular learning needs for e.g. comprehension skills, study skills, essay writing, scaffolding
  • Supporting students with Disability Provisions for examinations
  • Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for students who require adjustments in curriculum delivery and assessments
  • Provision of Academic Enrichment classes in Stage 5. This is an elective subject aiming to enhance the student's literacy and numeracy skills.

Programs are implemented in a range of ways, for example, one-to-one teaching and mentoring, small group instruction, withdrawal and within class support.

Student Wellbeing

Students who exhibit specific learning needs can sometimes experience times of unhappiness and isolation at school. The programs and activities of the Pastoral Program attempt to reach each student, regardless of her intellectual and emotional needs.