Performing Arts

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works. Matthew 5:16


The performing arts - music, dance, drama - are an untold source of happiness for young people. Students of all ages relish the chance to play act, dress up, sing, and make music, and many find mastery of a musical instrument to be deeply satisfying.

While the thrill of being on stage under lights in costume is undeniable, (and some Loreto Kirribilli ex-students have made a career of it), it is the many hours of practice and preparation beforehand that teach so many valuable lessons. Students work together, solve problems, form lifelong bonds and discover new talents in the challenge of performance. They also learn the importance of rigorous rehearsal, that bedrock of excellence.

At Loreto Kirribilli, the Performing Arts Faculty has a well-established program of learning and performance opportunities.