Junior School Concert

A wonderful celebration of community, and a much anticipated highlight of our school year.

Junior School Concert

The annual Junior School Concert is a wonderful celebration of community, involving all students from Kindergarten to Year 6. It is a magical combination of singing, dancing, acting and performing with talent, energy, exuberance, effort and co-operation.

The concert is the culmination of months of auditions, rehearsals, scriptwriting, choreography, costume design and much planning and organising behind the scenes! Students, staff, parents, family and friends all play their part in making the highly anticipated event a resounding success year after year.

Our 2022 Junior School Concert, Cabaret on Carabella, inspired by entertainers of bygone eras, was a joyful celebration of song, dance and performance.

The Junior School Concert was a celebration of the musical gifts and talents of every child in the Junior School. I was particularly in awe of the Kindergarten students who demonstrated dancing, singing and drama skills but above all - confidence!! They were absolutely enthralling.

Mrs Anna Dickinson, Principal

Highlights from our 2021 Junior School Concert