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The seven-storey Spiritus building incorporates a range of dynamic, versatile learning spaces and studios, designed to enhance cross-curricular learning, further foster creative and critical thinking, and inspire an entrepreneurial mindset.

The flexible layouts of of the open collaboration spaces are designed to engage K-12 students across all learning domains. Spiritus also provides important connections, expanding the use of the Marian Centre, Centenary Hall and the Gymnasium.

The design was the subject of extensive consultation with local residents, parents and staff in 2017, and amendments were made to the original design in light of feedback received. Significant effort has been undertaken to retain the natural beauty of the area and views for Loreto Kirribilli’s neighbours and the broader community. As such, Spiritus includes four levels of basement within the seven-storey building which will be lower in height than the adjacent street-facing building known as the Marian Centre.

The building includes beautifully landscaped surrounds with accessible walkways connecting Spiritus with the School’s Front Drive, Junior School, Marian Centre and Centenary Hall.

We have named the building ‘SPIRITUS’, the Latin word for spirit. Spiritus means ‘the breath of life’ and it is also used to denote the Holy Spirit, Spiritus Sanctus, who inspires us to go out into the world and make a positive difference. We look forward to the wonderful learning which will take place in Spiritus over the many years to come.

Anna Dickinson - Principal

The rapid pace of change and the emergence of new technologies have transformed the way students learn, making today such an exciting time for education. These changes create tremendous opportunities for students. Spiritus provides the space, flexibility and freedom for learning that will inspire and enable students to shape their world, regardless of their interests and the path they chose.

Anna Dickinson - Principal

Extended Gymnasium

An extended and improved Gymnasium provides more space and facilities for sports and fitness.

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Workshops, studios & exhibitions

Purpose-built workshops and digitally-advanced spaces accommodates hands-on innovation and exhibitions.

Loreto Kirribilli Spiritus 048sm.jpg

Multipurpose, flexible learning environments

Adaptable, open-plan environments support collaborative, integrated learning.

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Efficient, environmentally sustainable design

In accordance with the school's commitment to environmental sustainability, the design and construction of Spiritus is informed by green principles and innovative, sustainable design features.

As we commence this exciting and important chapter of our development, I am reminded of the words of Mother Gonzaga Barry; “Leave after you something on which others may build.” It is our opportunity and responsibility, as it was for others who have gone before us, to transform our facilities in response to the changing needs of our young women.

Sheila McGregor - School Chair
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