Duke of Edinburgh


A positive and rewarding challenge of self-discovery.


The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia is voluntary, non-competitive youth development program, empowering students to set and achieve goals at a level appropriate to their needs.

The Award provides an opportunity for students to acquire and develop skills, initiative and self-esteem, and helps them develop into confident members of the community.

Through this challenging journey of self-discovery, our students:

  • Are equipped and empowered to achieve their personal best
  • Learn to take responsibility for their goals and choices
  • Become connected to and actively engaged within their immediate community
  • Make a real difference to society through their positive contributions and involvement
  • Learn to persevere and overcome barriers to success
  • Learn important life skills
  • Increase their career opportunities

The scheme has three Award levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold - and all students are encouraged to participate.

Students at Loreto Kirribilli commence the Bronze Award in Year 9, the Silver Award in Year 10 and the Gold Award in Year 11 or 12. Four sections must be completed to qualify for a Bronze or Silver Award. In addition, students undertaking the Gold Award complete a residential project.

The Service component offers participants the opportunity to engage with society and gain an understanding of the importance of their role within both their immediate and the global community.

It gives the chance to connect with individuals and groups they may have previously overlooked or not been aware of, and to make a real difference to their world.

The aim is to encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills including youth development and youth leadership.

The skill should stimulate new interests or improve existing ones. These interests are typically of a non-physically demanding nature and may be hobbies, vocational or job related skills, social or individual activities, cultural activities or life skills.

The aim is to encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement in physical fitness and performance. Many Loreto students participate in regular organised school sport.

The expedition seeks to provide participants with a unique, challenging and memorable experience.

For this section, Loreto Kirribilli works with Southbound Adventures for the Bronze Award in undertaking bespoke trips tailored for our individual needs.

The residential project must be a purposeful activity outside of the home for a total period of no less than five days and four nights.

Residential settings may typically be in centres, youth hostels, sail training ships or camps.