Our Heritage

Honouring the past, celebrating the present, inspiring the future.


1609 - Mary Ward founds Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM).

1875 - IBVM, led by Mother Gonzaga Barry, establishes Loreto schools in Australia

1892 - Loreto opens the first school in Sydney at Randwick.

1901 - Loreto moves to “Kunimbla” in Fitzroy Street, Kirribilli (since demolished).

1902 - Loreto moves to “Fernhill.”

1908 - School moves to “Elamang” in Carabella Street, Kirribilli

1921 - Extensions to “Elamang” with improved boarding facilities and a new School Hall

1922 - “Coreena”, the property adjacent to “Elamang”, acquired to be used as the Junior School.

1924 - Purchase of “The Heritage Hottens”, to be used for Junior School classes.

1930 - Significant building programme completed, including the Chapel Wing with its landmark Lantern Tower.

1942 - Boarders moved to Springwood, Blue Mountains during World War II.

1952 - Purchase of "Thomas House" and renamed "St. Mary’s". Demolished in 1968.

1958 - Purchase of Carabella Street Flats. Later demolished for St. Joseph’s Wing.

1960 - New Junior School completed on site of “Coreena”.

1965 - St Joseph’s Wing built and Sr Philomena Heaton Library opened.

1972 - St Joseph’s Wing extended to house art rooms and a larger library.

1972 - Final year for Boarders.

1975 - “Araluen”, 72 Carabella Street purchased. Initially used for Music Centre.

1979 - Conversion of “Araluen” for use as the Convent.

1981 - Mary Ward Wing completed for Seniors.

1990 - The last year boys attended Junior School.

1992 - Centenary Buildings opened in September.

2000 - Performing Arts Centre completed in July.

2002 - 1920 Hall refurbished to accommodate Administration and Religious Education classrooms.

2002 - Design and Technology facilities upgraded.

2003 - St Joseph’s and Mary Ward Wings refurbished.

2006 - Upgrade and extensions to Junior School.

2008 - Refurbishment of front drive.

2009 - Purchase of Tremayne Private Hotel adjacent to the Junior School.

2010 - Work commences on Tremayne.

2011 - Opening of The Marian Centre (previously Tremayne).

2013 - Refurbishment of facilities in St Joseph’s block including new library and new canteen.

2014 - Installation of external lift to Senior School Library.

2015 - Refurbishment of the Science block.

2018 - 110th anniversary of the school in Carabella Street.

2019 - Demolition of B Block and construction of new Spiritus building commences.

2022 - Completion of Spiritus.

The Crest and the Motto

The Loreto Crest is even older than the history of Loreto in Australia. It is made up of four symbols which hold an important place in our lives: the Cross, which is the sign of our faith in Christ; the Sacred Heart, which symbolises the unfailing love of God for us; the Heart of Mary, who grew to be like her Son in her great love, and whom we strive to be like; and the Anchor of Hope, an old symbol for Our Lady, and the promise of Christ to be with us.

Maria Regina Angelorum - Mary, Queen of Angels
The Cross

the sign of our faith in Christ

The Sacred Heart

symbolising the unfailing love of God for us

The Heart of Mary

who grew to be like her Son in her great love, and whom we strive to be like

The Anchor of Hope

an old symbol for Our Lady, and the promise of Christ to be with us

Cruci Dum Spiro Fido - While I live, I trust in the cross

Mary, Mother of God, is Patron of our School