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Mentoring and Networking Program

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The LK Connect Loreto Kirribilli Mentoring & Networking Program provides the vital link between existing talent and expertise within our community, and the raw potential of students on the brink of their future careers.

Mentoring Program

Mentors are invited to help guide and assist Loreto Kirribilli girls as they navigate their future career path.

For Mentees, whether you have recently graduated from university or tertiary education, or perhaps are several years into your career and looking for a new direction, this program could be your next career consideration.

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Networking Events

Regular, industry-based networking events are held each year and provide invaluable career forums. These events provide a vital connection between professionals within our Loreto Kirribilli community and open doors for a world of networking opportunities.

Networking events are tailored for those interested in particular career paths or industries, and for those interested in sharing in the rich life experiences of Loreto Kirribilli students beyond the school gates.

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I was lucky enough to find my mentor early on at the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), but far too many of us aren’t lucky enough to find someone who is willing to be generous and share their skills. The LK Connect program is helping to change that.

Caro Meldrum - Hanna (‘99) Australian investigative journalist, ABC TV, Four Corners Program

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