You must, besides being real … try to be many sided.
Mother Gonzaga Barry


Lunchtimes are a hive of activity at Loreto Kirribilli, with a range of student-led clubs flourishing, giving our students further opportunities to lead and learn.

Lunch Time Talks take place on a Friday during school terms. These are a learning opportunity for our students to hear inspirational people share their stories.

STEM Club is open to all Students in years 4, 5 and 6 and meet weekly at lunchtime. The session includes opportunities to participate in a range of STEM based activities which may include such things as Design Thinking, Coding, 3D printing and creating with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality.

With trowels and seeds at the ready, gardening gloves on and armed with watering cans, our intrepid Loreto Gardening Club are set to conquer the world of vegetable growing. Although we have not yet categorically “won” the war, we can safely say that we’re learning lots and smiling lots as we valiantly battle our numerous enemies (slugs, snails, building work relocation and frosts to name a few). The Club also shares gardening tips with our St Aloysius' counterparts, whose long-established gardening club is testament to the enormous benefits of compost in enhancing vegetable growth.

Talkology is a ‘drop-in’ public speaking club open to all students in Years 7 - 11. It is run by the four Public Speaking Leaders. The Leaders run games and exercises on a range of areas, for example: impromptu speaking; performance anxiety; the power of pause; and how to build rapport with an audience.

The Talkology Club aims to increase self-confidence, while having fun, making new friends, and fostering relationships between the different year groups. It also has a serious purpose in helping students with their oral assessments by giving guidance on public speaking techniques in a supportive environment.

Friday lunchtimes are a hive of activity and concentration as students and teachers alike gather for Chess Club. It's a fun and engaging learning session for all levels of chess players. Partners can team up and play a game by themselves, or learn new techniques in a group.

Lunchtime Friday Film Club began as a student initiative, with a group of enthusiastic film devotees keen to share their love of arthouse, foreign and classic movies. The lunch hour time passes quickly with viewings and group discussions of films like Midnight in Paris and The Truman Show. A great opportunity for the girls to watch some amazing films and interact with their peers.

Keen seamstresses get together around the sewing machines in the Design and Technology rooms.

Swapping patterns, wools and learning new stitches while having a good chat; our knitting enthusiasts understand the restorative power of knitting. "Knitting makes me a better student," says Year 9 knitter Sophie. "It calms me down and I become a better listener."