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School Tour

We look forward to welcoming you to Loreto Kirribilli.


Our school tours take place three times per term and provide an excellent opportunity for prospective parents and students to discover more about the many ways your daughter can flourish at Loreto Kirribilli.

We are delighted to welcome families back on campus for on-site tours in 2022 subject to the relevant NSW Government and Health advice.

Our school tours provide families with an overview of the faith, academic and extra-curricular life of the school and offer an insight into the many opportunities for community involvement.

On-site School Tours for 2022
  • Thursday 3 March 10am
  • Thursday 24 March 10am
  • Tuesday 29 March 10am
  • Thursday 5 May 10am
  • Wednesday 25 May 10am
  • Tuesday 31 May 10am
  • Thursday 28 July 10am
  • Wednesday 24 August 10am
  • Tuesday 13 September 10am
  • Wednesday 12 October 10am
  • Thursday 17 November 10am
  • Wednesday 30 November 10am

Important note: All dates, times and arrangements will be subject to the relevant NSW Government & Health advice at the time and visitors will be required to comply with all COVID-19 protocols.

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Our Enrolment Office can be contacted on +61 2 9957 4722 or and will be happy to assist with any enquiries regarding your daughter’s enrolment.