Ex-Students' Union

We are all part of the same family, and we have much to offer each other.Celia Sheldon, Ex-Students' Union President


All ex-students of Kirribilli are warmly invited to join the Ex-Students’ Union.

The Loreto Kirribilli Ex-Students’ Union consists of past pupils of Kirribilli and other Loreto ex-students who now reside in Sydney. This alumni group works closely with the school and the Development Office in various activities and is delighted to have so much interest and support from the school community.

The Ex-Students’ Union is run by an Executive team, together with a general committee consisting of members of all age groups – including some who left Kirribilli many years ago, while others are very recent school leavers.

The committee organises functions and makes decisions about policies and finances on behalf of all of our members. Members are kept informed of what’s happening through The Spirit magazine, the school website, Instagram and the Ex-Students’ Facebook page.

The aims of the alumni are to:

  • Promote loyalty and support among past pupils
  • Assist the aims of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM), with social justice being a priority
  • Provide eligible bursaries and prizes at Loreto Kirribilli

Your support of the Union's activities is always greatly appreciated. There is much reward in giving of yourself, making time for the little things, and I am continually amazed by what we manage to achieve.

Celia Sheldon (Roberts '88), President, Loreto Kirribilli Ex-Students' Union

Please contact the President, Celia Sheldon (Roberts '88) or the Committee Secretary for membership information or complete the Registration Form.

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Ex-Students' Bursary Fund

One of the primary aims of the Ex-Students’ Union is to provide up to three bursaries for the education of students whose families experience unforeseen financial hardship.

These bursaries are made possible through the hard work, generosity and financial support of our members and friends.

A significant sum was donated to the school through a bequest from a generous ex-student who had the foresight to include Loreto Kirribilli in her Will. Should you wish to follow this lead, the process is very simple and we would welcome your support.

Should you feel that you are able to make a donation towards the Ex-Students' Union Bursary Fund, please click here.

If you wish to include Loreto Kirribilli in a bequest, please click here for further information.

Donate to the Ex-Students' Union Bursary Fund

Loreto Kirribilli Ex-Students' Union Constitution

A copy of our Constitution can be found below.

Loreto Kirribilli Ex-Students' Union Constitution 2023