Student Wellbeing

in the Junior School

Our focus is on raising happy children with the skills to be resilient.

Pastoral Care

At Loreto Kirribilli we foster in students a love for life, and belief and confidence in themselves, in the context of the Christian value of humility. Through our Junior School wellbeing program Grow Your Mind, students are involved in a range of explicit learning experiences which help them understand themselves and others.

The program is a whole school community wellbeing program and provides engaging, evidence-based, curriculum aligned positive mental health strategies for students, teachers, parents and families.

This holistic program allows us to to use a common language about what it means and feels to be mentally healthy throughout our whole community.

Our focus is on raising happy children and arming them with the skills needed to be resilient and to flourish. We do this in the classroom and beyond through activities, posters, digital resources, engaging bite-sized video lessons, and podcasts.

Respect and Responsibility

The development of an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect and a sense of security, connectedness and positive regard are crucial to student wellbeing in the Junior School.

Expectations for our students are guided by attitudes of respect and responsibility and these are supported by staff, students and our extended community.

Respect for Faith and Truth

  • Respect and demonstrate Catholic values
  • Participate in the liturgical life of school
  • Be truthful in words and actions
  • Include everyone in the Mary Ward circle of friends

Respect for Self and Others

  • Treat others with kindness
  • Be polite, be courteous, be thankful
  • Display acceptance of others
  • Do your best

Respect for our School and the Environment

  • Wear your uniform with pride
  • Demonstrate our school spirit in and out of school
  • Demonstrate pride in your school in our community

Our resilience is grounded in our faith and in our values. From the moment our youngest students are welcomed into the Kindergarten classroom, we foster in them the character strengths required to face adversity and embrace the unfamiliar, and we are guided and inspired by our faith every step of the way.

School Psychologists

The School Psychologists are involved in working with the social and emotional development of our students. They also assist in developing individual education programs for various students. The Psychologists work closely with the Director of Student Wellbeing and the Head of Junior School on a wide variety of matters.