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A Message from our Junior and Senior School Captains 2022

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Message from the Captain of the Senior School

The values of Justice, Sincerity, Verity, Felicity and Freedom of Spirit are the fundamental principles of life at Loreto Kirribilli. Each year, we focus on one value in particular, and this year, 2022, is the Year of Freedom of Spirit.

Loreto Kirribilli is a school of unmatched spirit, which has been evident to me since I joined Loreto in Year 5. Not only do events including the annual ‘water ballet’, Interhouse Theatresports and Music Festival celebrate the many talents and gifts of students, but they exhibit the incomparable spirit of Loreto girls which unites students across every year group, and makes the daily life at this school so enjoyable.

There is a strong focus on student wellbeing at Loreto Kirribilli, and our school’s pastoral support structure ensures that every girl has an extensive network of people that they are able to reach out to. Upon commencement in Year 7, each girl is allocated an older student mentor as part of the ‘Big Sister Little Sister’ buddy program, a Circle Class, a personal academic growth coach, Year Wellbeing Coordinator and House Academic Care Coordinator. As a student, having these various support options is something that I highly appreciate and can attest makes the student experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Our foundress Mary Ward had a vision ‘that women in time to come will do much’, and she spent much of her life advocating for the education of all women. As such, Loreto Kirribilli has a strong focus on student development both inside and outside of the classroom. Academically, students are equipped with a well-rounded education, guided and supported by the most amazing and dedicated School Executive and academic staff, who work to prepare us for the future.

Every girl is encouraged to celebrate in, and express their individual gifts, with a variety of extracurricular activities on offer. These range across sports, music, drama, debating, STEM and more, catering to a variety of interests and promoting student growth. Participation in these activities is a personal highlight of life at Loreto Kirribilli, and has afforded me immeasurable joy in connecting with girls across every year group.

In this year of Freedom of Spirit, we are celebrating Mary Ward’s open-minded and open-hearted attitudes. As women inspired by Mary Ward, we are taught that we have not only the ability, but an obligation to make positive change in this world.

I feel incredibly honoured to have been given the opportunity to lead as School Captain this year, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities offered to me by Loreto Kirribilli. I have loved my time at this school, and I’m so excited to inspire a new generation of Loreto students.

Greta Perrignon
Senior School Captain


Message from the Junior School Captain

Truth. Justice. Freedom. These are the values that we, as young women with a bright future ahead of us, believe in. Loreto Kirribilli is not just a school, but a community of positive, compassionate, and open-minded individuals. We are inspired by Mary Ward, our founder, to change the world and speak up, to let our voices be heard. In the classroom and on the playground, we will always strive to be the best people we can be.

The Loreto Kirribilli Junior School is a place where the values of Felicity, Verity, Sincerity, Justice and Freedom are held close to our hearts. In 2021 when I started at the Junior School with many others in Year 5, we were welcomed with kindness and support by both the students and teachers. In very little time at all, I knew I was part of the true Loreto family, because of the spirit and positivity everyone showed. This school provides freedom for us to follow our true passion, wherever it takes us. The girls at Loreto are all encouraged to partake in the many extracurricular activities that the school offers, such as robotics, code club, speech and drama, debating, music, chess, mindful arts and a number of sports that teach us how to show patience, be a good sport and continue our learning.

I am grateful for the wonderful learning environment, where many of the students here have grown up and learned how to reach out to someone in need, give advice and offer their support to anyone who needs it. Our individual characteristics, strengths and gifts are combined to make a brighter future.

We, the students of the future, have the freedom to reach out and do anything we can put our mind to. Here at Loreto Kirribilli our school competes in our special House Swimming, Athletics Carnivals and Jazz Dance Competitions which fosters our strong school spirit and keeps us healthy and open minded. We also collaborate and work together as a school to raise awareness and money for the less fortunate, and for other Loreto communities around the world, with our fun mufti days and our Mission Day stalls.

The students here at the Junior School aim to have Freedom of Spirit in everything we do. We follow the light of God in our everyday lives, sharing our spirit and hope with everyone we meet. Our education not only develops our academic growth but also our attitudes towards making our world a better place where everyone can be equal.

We follow the great examples of the older girls as they are the role models that we aim to be. This makes Loreto Kirribilli Junior School a special place that inspires us to reach higher every day.

A quote that we all hold in our hearts from Mary Ward is “Be seekers of truth and doers of justice.” This encourages our community to seek out the truth and light in the world, and then do something about it, so anyone could follow in our path. For me this means to not only follow in the footsteps of others but to make your own way through tough times, and to leave this world as a better place, so others can have the freedom they deserve.

Olivia Massey
Junior School Captain