Our Student Leaders

A Message from our Senior School Captain 2024


Ever since I was in Kindergarten, all I’ve ever known is Loreto Kirribilli. Since I was 5 years old, I have grown up steeped in the vibrant spirit that Kirribilli students are renowned for, and have always believed wholeheartedly in the power of educated young women to go out and make genuine change in the world. What I know to be especially true is the great

blessing that a Loreto education is - not just for its intellectual merits, but for its extension into each and every part of the lives of us as students. Loreto Kirribilli students are Loreto girls to every inch of their being.

This great network of Loreto ethos stems from our foundress, Mary Ward. Carried by the belief that ‘Women in time to come will do much’ and grounded in a rich faith, Mary Ward’s vision was brought to life despite many barriers to her success, and antagonists who opposed her. It is this essence of perseverance and resilience that was infused into Loreto schools. To this day, her legacy lives on in an extensive system of schools all over the world with a common mission: the education of young women.

Following the establishment of these Loreto schools, our five school values were born: Freedom of Spirit, Justice, Sincerity, Verity and Felicity. One only needs to consider the vitality of our school life and the depth of academic and extracurricular pursuits - be it Performing Arts, Public Speaking or Sport - to see how our five values are evident in every facet of school life here at Loreto Kirribilli.

Loreto Kirribilli’s support of the student extends to the holistic wellbeing of each girl. The 2018 commencement of our ‘vertical’ Circle Class system, as part of a revised pastoral support structure, fosters interconnectedness between different year groups of students, cultivating a rich individualised community of support for each student to reach out to. This pastoral structure also features ‘Big Sister Little Sister’ buddies, pairing a Year 7 student with a Year 10 buddy. Personal academic coaches, Year Wellbeing coordinators and our four House Academic Care coordinators are committed to making the Loreto Kirribilli experience comfortable and joyful for each and every student.

As we head into the year of Sincerity, our leadership team is choosing to focus on sincerity of intention; nurturing an environment in which students are encouraged to participate because they want to, not because they feel like they must. It was Mary Ward who said that we should “be such as we appear, and appear such as we are” and, collectively, this year we will be making a conscious effort to match our outward appearances with our inner intentions.

Senior School Captain

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Loreto Kirribilli has five values that we have at the centre of all that we do - Felicity, Freedom, Justice, Sincerity and Verity. Loreto Kirribilli holds these values close, and we focus on one value each year. The value for 2024 is Sincerity. Sincerity means that we all need to be real, we need to love not only others but also ourselves, show who we truly are and what we are truly capable of, and how we can be our best selves.

Scarlett the Sincerity Swan is our Junior School mascot for this year of Sincerity and with Mia, our 2024 Vice Captain, we had a lot of fun creating her and making the fun movie to launch her. We were inspired by the graceful, elegant and calm characteristics of a swan.

Mary Ward wisely states that you should 'Be such as you appear and appear such as you are'. That means if you are being authentic and sincere, you are true to yourself and true to everyone around you. Not just socially in the playground and with friends, but also in learning and in all extra-curricular activities.

Changing the world is what Loreto Kirribilli girls strive to do, and starting in the community is a great way to begin. Our school is all about community and engaging with others. I truly love Loreto Kirribilli and I look up to all the Senior School leaders, teachers, and leader figures. We will all strive to be the authentic, real, loving, respectful Loreto girls that we are this year. Let’s make this the best year of ‘being real’ in our year of Sincerity.

Junior School Captain