Spirit Magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year!
This tri-annual publication keeps our Loreto Kirribilli community connected.


Spirit provides readers with a snapshot of happenings across the school, as well as updates on ex-student news, reunions and achievements.

Catch up with Loreto Kirribilli news, reunions, social gatherings and those important milestones in the education of girls in the Loreto tradition.

Spirit magazine, together with the Junior and Senior School weekly newsletters, our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds and the Year Book, are indeed a wonderful chronicle of the life of the school.

Spirit Issue 87, December 2021

Loreto Kirribilli is committed to continuing to work with staff, students and the broader school community to support the sustainability of our School and also the sustainability of our environment.

Excerpt from Loreto Kirribilli 2020-2023 Strategic Plan
Spirit - Print or Digital?

At Loreto Kirribilli we have always managed our resources carefully with the future in mind. Spirit magazine is therefore available to readers both digitally and in hard copy, printed format.

Print: To continue to receive a hard copy, printed Spirit magazine, there is no need to do anything. We will continue to send you a hard copy in the mail.

Digital: If you prefer to receive and read your Spirit magazine in digital format only, we encourage you to OPT OUT of the hard copy, printed version.

To opt out of the hard copy, printed version, please contact us via:

  • emailinfo@loreto.nsw.edu.au
  • phone +61 2 9957 4722
  • mail Communications Office, Loreto Kirribilli, 85 Carabella Street, Kirribilli, NSW 2061
Contact us

If you are connected to Loreto Kirribilli and would like to receive the Spirit magazine, are an ex-student wishing to advise the Spirit team about an event in your life, or you have other suitable articles for inclusion in upcoming editions, please email the Editor.

Spirit Issue 86, April 2021
Spirit Issue 85, December 2020