Loreto Kirribilli

Learning Lens

Engaging with the bigger picture - Being positive agents for change

What informs teaching and learning at Loreto Kirribilli?

We believe that our students should be positive agents of change, engaging with the bigger picture. Our mission is to empower young women to discover their gifts and realise the difference they can make in the world.

As such, the foundation for our approach to teaching and learning can be found in our values of verity, felicity, freedom of spirit, sincerity and justice.

We also believe that what we do has to be supported by educational research to ensure best practice. At Loreto Kirribilli, we realise that building the capacity of our teachers has a positive impact on student learning – our teachers model learning.

Positive relationships with students are important for student motivation, engagement and trust, so our teachers prioritise relationship building as a necessary for learning. Part of that relationship building is listening to student voice, and making sure they feel confident in taking ownership of their learning.

The Loreto Kirribilli Learning Lens has been developed for a number of purposes

  • To support our students in their growth as learners
  • To communicate that which we value in teaching and learning
  • To provide a common language around quality teaching and learning
  • To support our teachers in reflecting on their own practice and that of their colleagues
  • To support new teaching staff
  • To inform the community about teaching and learning at Loreto Kirribilli

Loreto Kirribilli is part of a bigger picture in education, and as such, we are guided by the state and federal governments in forming our educational approach.

The Heart of the Lens

At Loreto Kirribilli, the capacity to read, view, interpret, write and articulate ideas is at the centre of student learning, as is the ability to work with numbers, not just within a school based context, but for life. Mastering these skills builds students’ sense of self-efficacy, and supports their wellbeing. We adopted the Positive Education model in 2013, because we want our students to thrive.

Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration (4Cs)

In our constantly changing world, we want to ensure our students are equipped with the skills to flourish. These particular skills are the link between content and dispositions, and allow us to make connections around the wheel of the lens.

Learning Dispositions

On the outer wheel of the lens are the learning dispositions which we value for our students. We want our students to be resilient, passionate learners for life. Our purpose is for them to make a positive change in the world through being empathetic, focused and curious.

The Future

Just as we change as people, so does education. Our Learning Lens is a living document, which will respond to the needs of the times, and our students.