Strategic Plan 2020–2023

Inspired Minds ... Catalysts for Change


Loreto Kirribilli exists to develop strong, hope-filled women who continue to make a positive impact in a rapidly changing world, and who lead and collaborate with others to do the same.

The Loreto Kirribilli strategic plan, Inspired Minds...Catalysts for Change 2020 - 2023 builds on the achievements of the 2015 - 2018 plan, Navigating the Future.

The plan has two main themes: inspiring educational excellence and enriching our community of faith. These together are the primary mission of the School. These two critical themes are underpinned by a commitment to a third theme of managing for sustainability, both financial and environmental, so that Loreto Kirribilli can thrive over the next three years and continue its mission into the future.

Inspiring Educational Excellence

The rapid pace of change and the emergence of new technologies have transformed the way students learn, making today such an exciting and challenging time for education. Loreto Kirribilli aims to provide an inspiring educational experience for every child. Innovative and engaging learning approaches focused on individual student needs will be our priority, as will assisting every student to embrace a growth mindset.

  • Challenging and empowering students to grow
  • Empowering staff in a changing educational environment
  • Building partnerships to support excellent educational outcomes
Enriching our Community of Faith

Loreto Kirribilli is a strong community of faith in the Mary Ward tradition. The School is deeply committed to giving witness to the Gospel message ensuring students, staff and parents are encouraged to be voices of faith in an evolving Australian Catholic church. Loreto Kirribilli will continue to be a community where positive relationships flourish, the dignity and rights of all are respected and where joy and hope are hallmarks.

  • Deepening our students’ spiritual experiences
  • Enhancing our strong commitment to social justice
  • Providing experiences to improve respect, understanding and inclusion
Managing for Sustainability

Loreto Kirribilli has always managed its resources carefully with the future in mind. Over the next few years, we need to prepare for lower levels of government funding whilst maintaining the breadth and quality of our offering. Loreto Kirribilli is committed to continuing to work with staff, students and the broader school community to support the sustainability of our School and also the sustainability of our environment.