As I embark on my sixth year as Principal of Loreto Kirribilli, I continue to be inspired by the tangible sense of spirit that is definitively Loreto Kirribilli.

We have a wonderful learning culture at Loreto which expects excellence to be embedded into each and every classroom, and in all learning experiences. Our ideal is that each child is engaged, supported and challenged, promoting curiosity and a love of learning. Our students’ intellectual, personal and spiritual growth is our priority.

Loreto Kirribilli was established on Carabella Street, Kirribilli, in 1908 and proudly continues the journey begun over 400 years ago by our founder, Mary Ward and sustained by the Loreto Sisters and their companions here in Australia since 1875. 

The goals of a Loreto education are in essence the same as the goals of our founder: the spiritual, intellectual and social development of the individual, and the preparation of students to take an active role in the society in which they live – making a positive difference in the lives of others and achieving their ultimate goal, the knowledge and love of God.

Mary Ward’s vision was to educate in society, for society, not apart from it. The aim of a Loreto Kirribilli education is to form women of faith who have the capacity to engage critically and energetically with the challenges and opportunities of contemporary society. Education at Loreto, challenges and supports our girls to develop their capacity and motivation to make a valued contribution to local community and wider society, through loving and responsible service. We expect our girls to play a pivotal role as leaders shaping the future.

At Loreto, we believe the intangibles really matter: verity, justice, sincerity, felicity, freedom of mind and spirit. Our goal is to embed these qualities in our students to help them develop as confident, well educated, socially responsible woman.

We believe that a Loreto education should, and does, offer “something more”. This something more focuses on learners who are highly successful, joyful and spirited, curious and reflective and who are inspired to offer loving and responsible service. Our wonderful students are a testament to the success of this ideal.


Mrs Anna Dickinson