I was delighted to be appointed Principal of Loreto Kirribilli in 2014 and I’m continually inspired by the tangible sense of spirit that is definitively, Loreto Kirribilli. Loreto’s rich faith life, excellence in teaching and learning, positive relationships, high expectations within the classroom and beyond and our beautiful location are all conducive to a joy of learning.

As a Catholic school in the Loreto tradition, we strive to live up to the expectations of Mary Ward who founded the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) in 1609, that students at Kirribilli are offered an education with ‘something more’. The goals of a Loreto education are in essence the same as the goals of our founder: the spiritual, intellectual and social development of the individual, and the preparation of students to take their place in the society in which they live as well as to achieve their ultimate goal, the knowledge and love of God.

Loreto Kirribilli girls are nurtured to be wise, loving, spirited young women, inspired to seek knowledge and wisdom throughout their lives and to understand the value of being part of a community. Our outstanding teachers support and challenge our girls so that they flourish as inquisitive and critical learners. Loreto girls are educated to be women of faith, developing positive relationships with each other. Through discernment and a spirit of gratitude they strive to realise the Loreto values of felicity, sincerity, verity, freedom and justice.

Mary Ward’s vision was to educate in and for society, not apart from it. Our students are part of a rapidly changing world which presents both challenges and opportunities. To respond to these challenges and opportunities we empower our students to own their future by equipping them to be dynamic and flexible thinkers. We develop confident young women who are highly successful leaners, joyful and spirited, curious and reflective and who are inspired to offer loving and responsible service.

Our school community is committed to the vision of Mary Ward and Mother Gonzaga Barry. In 1908, Mother Gonzaga Barry said: What the world needs is a wise, lovable, well-educated woman; and centuries earlier, Mary Ward said: Women, in time, will come to do much. We know that women ‘doing much’ is no longer an aspiration, it is an expectation and responsibility each Loreto girl treasures – our vision is to ensure our students graduate as compassionate, dynamic young women who aspire to become leaders who will shape the future.

Loreto Kirribilli’s learning environment promotes confident young women, creative and critical thinkers with problem solving skills that they apply to significant issues in our world. It is an environment that nurtures the development of young women who are collaborative, resilient, adaptable, and innovative with excellent communication skills. I believe that learners find happiness through the pursuit of these ambitions. Ultimately, every parent wishes that their child will be happy and successful.

Parent involvement is encouraged and supported and we promote parents as partners in the education of their daughters.

I’m proud of this community and hope that you enjoy learning more about it as you explore our website.

Anna Dickinson