“For a mind to be free, it must be open to knowledge and learning.”

At Loreto Kirribilli, we believe in education that suits the needs of the student.  We are not academically selective.  We encourage extension at every level of ability.  A Gifted and Talented program is offered together with specialist support for those with learning difficulties.

Loreto Kirribilli strives to provide for the changing needs of our students. For education to be relevant in any age, it must try to provide the best possible equipment and surroundings, then build upon this through encouraging students to be independent, critical and creative thinkers.

In modern society, with its rapid change and scientific and technological advance, the most important issues to be raised are not in fact technological – they are issues of values, and the translation of these values into action.  A recognition of our responsibilities is a necessary part of education. Our society is a pluralist one, with conflicting attitudes to religion, morality human rights and associated areas. Hence our education needs to involve the development of our ability to evaluate critically, and to make decisions based on informed judgement and Christian principles, decisions reflecting a faithful use of the freedom given to us by God.

Loreto Kirribilli, through its climate, teacher-student relations and curriculum, aims to meet the spiritual, intellectual, psychological and social needs of each student, developing more fully the ability of each individual to think objectively and responsibly, to value the search for truth, and to appreciate the dignity and value of the human person.

Loreto Kirribilli is proud of the fact that our learning is, as Mary Ward suggested, congruous with the times. We educate the whole person in specialised learning spaces and use contemporary technological resources.