The wellbeing of students at Loreto Kirribilli is fostered in many ways. Pastoral Care at Loreto Kirribilli is centred on God embracing the spirit of Mary Ward. Our Pastoral Care is concerned with maximising learning and growth whilst developing our students’ values attitudes, knowledge, skills and practices. Our students are encouraged to develop a positive self-image reflecting self-awareness, courage and resilience, as well as caring for others, the community and the environment. Young Loreto Kirribilli women have a love for life, belief in themselves and confidence in their abilities. The Pastoral and Personal Development program draws broadly from the key document Quality Relationships at Loreto Kirribilli. Focus areas are: respect for the sacred, respect for the school, respect for self, respect for others and respect for the environment.

Pastoral Care is based on a belief in the value and uniqueness of the individual who is created in the image of God. The authentic expression of love, care and concern shown by Jesus in the Gospels, should be reflected in all aspects of life in a Loreto school community.

Our Pastoral Care is carefully tailored to suit the needs of each age group. We are particularly proud of the way our care for students’ wellbeing is fully integrated within the curriculum.

Pastoral Care at Loreto Kirribilli aims to:

  • reflect the ideals, values and emphases of the Loreto Educational Philosophy and the IBVM Mission Statement for Schools take cognisance of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social development to enable each person to strive for full potential foster the creation of an atmosphere of trust where the dignity and worth of each person is affirmed
  • be the responsibility of all members of the School community and permeate all relationships within the community influence the structures of the School and Its program of personal development and leadership training, valuing the gifts of each one and facilitating her development
  • ensure that the total well-being of individual students and staff is taken into account when new or potentially conflicting demands or expectations arise
  • ensure that discipline within the School is based on principles of justice and respects the rights and responsibilities of individuals.

A commitment to partnership and shared responsibility among staff, students and parents is an integral part of our Pastoral Care. Our Wellbeing framework aims to enhance students’ sense of their own worth and dignity as individuals and to foster respect for the values and attitudes of others.

The Loreto schools of Australia Mission Statement emphasises that ‘the relationships in the school community will be marked by ideals of mutual respect, acceptance of difference and the presumption of good will’. The focus on wellbeing at Loreto Kirribilli supports and enhances this belief.