Verity Immersion to East Arnhem Land - a spiritual experience

Verity Immersion to East Arnhem Land - a spiritual experience

The Verity Immersion trip to East Arnhem land gives students and staff the opportunity to experience Indigenous culture and teachings first hand. At a recent Staff Development Day, two members of staff shared their reflections of their time in East Arnhem Land.

The immersion is called the Verity Immersion, and we know that this core Loreto value asks us to be seekers of truth, to find the truth of who we are and what gives meaning to our lives. My reconciliation journey has been my own search for truth, to understand how my history and my family’s history interconnect with our country’s past our present and future relationships with first nations peoples.


“One memory of my Immersion experience in 2022 stands out for me. Across from our tents was the knowledge tree, a sacred space and the site of generations of ceremonies. I woke in the early hours of the morning and went outside my tent. The embers of a fire were still burning underneath this tree and I felt what I can only describe as a sense of awe of something immensely ancient and greater than me. I glimpsed just for a moment connection to country.”

Drama Coordinator

“To say that the verity immersion was TRANSFORMATIONAL, doesn’t even go half way to express how the time in North East Arnhem land changed me.

“The highlight of the trip for me though, was the privilege I had to share with the family some of my thoughts after this amazing week:

“We have listened and learned of the interconnectedness between Dhuwa and Yidditja. You have named us, made us your sisters, children, aunties and mothers. You have shared your stories and now we are forever interconnected to you and your country, not only through the morning star, but through our commitment to shine your light, and in our commitment to seek out and listen to the hidden truths of our First Nations people as they to continue to be today.

Thank you for your generosity and the gifts of laughter, culture, wisdom and culture. It is because of you that we are able to return to our families, our school and our communities with the knowledge to be truth tellers. Thank you!”

Junior School Learning Support Coordinator