Empowering Young Female Creators

Empowering Young Female Creators

Our most recent LK Connect event, Women in Brand - Empowering Young Female Creators hosted by LANDOR, was an opportunity to showcase the diversity of careers within the brand industry. 

Leading LANDOR women – Lulu Raghavan, Katie Rigg-Smith, Trish Folan and Abi Singman showcased why LANDOR is a world-leading brand specialist, united by purpose to make a positive difference for their clients, people, and world around us. They build brands designed to transform through three core pillars:  consulting, design, and experience.

The Landor team were exceptional panellists with very clear messaging about how to foster creativity through collaboration, communication, and wellbeing in a team environment. They highlighted key qualities for women to champion within the branding industry - confidence, belief in yourself, passion, a good attitude, and kindness - providing helpful career take-away messages for our guests.

Lulu Raghavan, Landor’s Vice President, APAC and Managing Director, India delivered a Masterclass in Personal Branding, providing a valuable insight into the importance of embracing our own personal brand.   

At these events we invite our ex-students in the industry to highlight career journeys for the benefit of our students.  Georgia Lenehan (’15), Lauren Henry (’09) and Amy Cadwallader (’96) reminded our guests the importance of an open-minded approach to career development and to embrace opportunities.

We are grateful for the support of Loreto Kirribilli parent, Manuela Fachin, Interim General Manager Australia and CFO APAC, LANDOR.  Manuela organised LANDOR as a host to provide an illuminating evening with creative women who have forged impressive careers in brand.


Lulu Raghavan Vice President, APAC & Managing Director, India | Landor

Katie Rigg-Smith Chief Strategy Officer, Australia & New Zealand | WPP

Trish Folan General Manager, Australia & New Zealand | Landor

Abi Singmin Design Director, Australia | Landor


Georgia Lenehan (’15) Senior Brand Manager | Sanofi

Lauren Henry (’09) UX/UI Designer | Luxury Escapes

Amy Cadwallader (’96) Founding Director | Brand Therapy


“Creativity is the meta-skill for the 21st century.”


Lulu Raghavan
Vice President, APAC & Managing Director, India | Landor