Inspiration for Loreto Leadership

Loreto Kirribilli is committed to the development of the leadership potential of each student. Through compassionate service girls are encouraged to share their gifts and challenge unjust structures.

The vigorous belief in the capacity and responsibility of women to contribute significantly to society and to the Church is why Loreto schools are committed to the development of the leadership potential of each student. In this commitment, Loreto takes its inspiration in the first instance from Jesus himself, who modelled leadership through compassionate service, the gift of self for others and the challenging of unjust structures. We also draw on the rich example of Mary Ward, Gonzaga Barry and many other great people within the Loreto tradition who provide inspiration so that Loreto students ‘will in time come to do much’.

Leadership skills are taught and students are encouraged to exercise these skills in a variety of ways, both formal and informal. The school considers all leadership to be that which emulates Jesus Christ’s model of ‘servant leadership’.  All students, no matter their year group, are encouraged to lead others in a positive and encouraging way.

The Student Leadership Program seeks to provide opportunities for students to:

  • develop their God-given talents
  • appreciate that they have a responsibility to use their capacities for the benefit of others
  • develop their understanding of leadership and act as responsible mentors and role models to the school community.

Student Leadership

A leadership model which includes the Student Executive, House Leaders and the Student Representative Council (SRC) is in place in the Senior School and the Junior School. Further student representation from Years 7 to 12 can be seen through the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Council (JPIC), and the Liturgy Council. Other student-led Councils in the Senior School include: Creative Arts, Debating and Public Speaking, Light, Sound and Stage, Performing Arts and Year 7.

Elected and nominated student leaders serve in a way that demonstrates Loreto’s emphasis on continuing Mary Ward’s belief in the Ignatian spirituality of discernment built on experience, action and reflection.

Student Representatives consist of students democratically elected by their peers in Years 7 to 11 of the School. In each Homeroom, one student is elected to each of the following positions of SRC, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) and Liturgy. The term of office for the Student Representatives is one semester for all representatives.

Student Leadership Structure (K–6)

In the Junior School, students are given a number of Leadership opportunities. These include:

  • School Captain
  • Vice-Captain
  • House Captains
  • Liturgy Monitors
  • IT Monitors
  • Library Monitors
  • Music Captains

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) comprises two members from each class, elected by their peers each semester.

Student Leadership Structure (7–12)

Elected Positions

  1. Student Executive
    School Captain (leads the Student Representative Council)
    School Vice Captain (co-leads the Student Representative Council)
    Three First Councillors (co-lead the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Council)
  2. Councils (co-led by two Year 12 students and membership includes between five and eight Year 12 students)
    Creative Arts Council
    Debating and Public Speaking Council
    Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Council (JPIC)

    • Benenson Society
    • Environment
    • Vinnies Youth Group

    Light, Sound and Stage Council
    Liturgy Council
    Performing Arts Council
    Student Representative Council
    Year 7 Council (co-led by two Year 11 students and membership includes ten Year 11 students)

  3. House Positions (Barry, Heaton, Milson, Ward)
    House Captain and House Vice Captain (Year 12)
    Dance Captain and Dance Vice Captain (Year 11)
    Drama Captain (Year 11) and Drama Councillor (Year 10)
    Music Captain and Music Vice Captain (Year 11) and Music Councillor (Year 10)
  4. Year 7-12 Representative Positions (generally, one student per homeroom per semester)
    Student Representative Council (SRC)
    Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Council (JPIC)
    Liturgy Representatives

Appointed positions

  1. Sports Captains (with the exception of Rowing, all Sports Captains are in Year 11)
    Cross Country
    Rowing (Year 12)
    Tennis and Tildesley Shield
    Touch Football
  2. Other Appointed Positions
    School Pianist