Academic Support Guidelines

Our Rationale

Loreto Kirribilli has as its vision a commitment to; “liberating, empowering and motivating students to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service”.

Loreto Schools of Australia Mission Statement

Loreto Kirribilli is a non-selective school which aims to be responsible for academic, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development of each student enrolled at the School. The School values each individual’s gifts and acknowledges its responsibility to provide opportunities for all students so that they can achieve personal excellence. The Loreto Kirribilli community accepts this challenge as a reflection of its commitment to justice in education.

Defining Special Needs

Students with special needs’ includes those students having conditions, circumstances or behaviours that interfere with or impede schooling, such that special educational arrangements and provisions are required.

Students with special needs includes students with disability and students with learning difficulties/disabilities.

The Identification Process

The identification of students with academic needs will:

  • be systematic across the whole school
  • provide for early identification
  • be dynamic and continuous
  • directly inform programming, within the limits of available resources
  • be defensible and equitable
  • use multiple criteria, including both qualitative and quantitative measures

The Academic Support Coordinator and her staff assist the K–12 staff in creating structures and providing resources for the development and implementation of suitable programs which enable students with special needs to achieve their potential.

Academic Support in the Senior School

Our Academic Support centre specifically targets students with mild intellectual disabilities and other conditions which significantly impact on learning. These students are offered an individual program, while participating in mainstream classes as much as possible.

The Academic Support centre also provides literacy and numeracy support to many mainstream students having difficulty, with an elective class available in Year 9 and appointments possible for individual support.  The Academic Support centre also administers Disability Provisions for the Higher School Certificate.