Juliette Marchant (’17)

Juliette Marchant (’17) has recently been awarded the University of Sydney Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the best thesis in Politics and International Relations. Juliette is studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney. She recently completed her Honours in Arts, majoring in Government and International Relations. Juliette’s political theory thesis focused on the works of the first female professor of government at Harvard University, Judith Shklar, a powerful, yet underappreciated woman in political thought.

Alongside her university studies, Juliette coaches Debating at Loreto Kirribilli. The 2021 Senior A Debating team described Juliette as “an incredible mentor, teacher, and friend to us all, pushing us always to improve…who taught us more than the fundamentals of debating, but about love of all things nerdy!”

I have always been a passionate reader and writer—interests that were built upon by my teachers at Loreto, particularly in History and English. Whether it was through historical inquiry with Mrs Bleby, or quasi-philosophical debate with Ms Davis, I was always challenged to think and question.

Juliette Marchant