Magazine is produced twice a year and includes articles of interest to the entire school community. It provides readers with a current snapshot of happenings at Loreto Kirribilli over the past semester and contains updates on ex-student reunions and achievements. There are articles relating to the governance of the school, items of academic interest connected to the curriculum, and coverage of co-curricular activities such as music, dance and sport. Major events in the school calendar are featured, highlighting these special occasions.Catch up with news of reunions, births, deaths and marriages, gatherings and points of interest in the education of girls in the Loreto tradition. Spirit magazine, together with the Junior and Senior weekly eNewsletters, and the Year Book are indeed a wonderful chronicle of the school’s development, activities and achievements.

Spirit Magazine Goes Digital

Loreto Kirribilli has always managed its resources carefully with the future in mind. As a result, Spirit magazine will now be sent digitally via email. Printed copies remain available on request to those readers who prefer to receive their copy in the mail.

“Loreto Kirribilli is committed to continuing to work with staff, students and the broader school community to support the sustainability of our School and also the sustainability of our environment.”

Excerpt from Loreto Kirribilli 2020-2023


If you are connected to Loreto Kirribilli and would like to receive the Spirit magazine, are an ex-student wishing to advise the Spirit team about an event in your life or have other suitable articles for inclusion in upcoming editions, please email the Editor.

Remember to keep us up-to-date with any change to your contact details.



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