“…do these things with love and freedom or leave them alone.”

Mary Ward

Strong, daring, creative and intelligent women are woven into the history of Loreto schools. Their cause: to fight for girls’ education and to ensure that both the mind and the spirit are fostered. Many years later, Loreto Kirribilli stands among seven Loreto schools across Australia; each one contributing to a league of informed women who will come to do much.

Loreto Kirribilli is made up of two distinct parts: spirit and social justice. These are two things that make every single girl at this school proud.

Loreto Kirribilli is a school of spirit. Our ability to enjoy every day is founded in two of our values: Sincerity and Felicity. The combination of these fundamental values allows students to form genuine connections with others in our community, recognising the joy that we gain from these relationships.

However, our celebration of spirit and enjoyment are most evident in our ability to celebrate the arts.

Annual Dance, Music and Drama Festivals allow students to work incredibly hard in order to produce truly wonderful and professional works of art and entertainment. These events, esteemed in our school calendar and counted down to for months, are the epitome of triumph. The creativity, collaboration and hard work displayed by the students pays off every single year with much celebration and achievement and in shared smiles and perhaps a few tears of joy.

You will never experience a day at Loreto Kirribilli without constant chatter, laughter, singing and a whole lot of chocolate; but you similarly will never experience a day without students keeping the global community in mind.

It is our constant contribution towards social justice which gives our branches of joy real roots to come from. To give all that we can is not simply an act of charity, but it is a duty at Loreto Kirribilli. At this school, we work specifically to see the values of Justice, Freedom and Verity in our world, not just in our school.

Social justice is not only what makes our school special but it is also what ties every single Loreto School in Australia and around the world together.

Equipped with a well-rounded education, Loreto girls across the world know that their duty is to make a difference in the world. To work for justice for those who cannot control their circumstances is what makes us thrive – the responsibility and the ability to raise funds and awareness, and put pressure on those with the power to change, means that we do our bit to improve the suffering of others.

Mary Ward, our founder, stressed that she “will do these things with love and freedom or leave them alone.” Thus, we are lucky enough to focus on the value of Freedom this year, and are called to act with love and freedom to serve one another.

Our community, our common Loreto identity seen across the world, is founded in these two elements; to enjoy every day and to give all that we can.

Mia Toda
School Captain 2017