April 4, 2020

Excited Year 12 students returned to school in Week 1 of Term 2 to spend time on their major works with Drama and Visual Arts students the first on campus followed by Music and then Design and Technology.

Both staff and students were delighted to be able to reconnect while still adhering to appropriate social distancing protocols.

Our Visual Arts students commented, “I think we all need human contact and I am so happy to be back.” Year 12 Drama students added, “It made me realise how much I love school!”

Students also remarked, “I think we were very lucky at how quickly the teachers were able to change our lessons to the new format and I know my friends and I are very appreciative of everything they have done for us.”



The teachers echoed the girls’ delight at being back on site. Craig Malyon, Visual Arts Coordinator explained, “The best thing about returning to face-to-face learning is that with assistance, students’ artworks become more collaborate; physical interaction allows for a deepening of the creative process, as remote learning lacks physicality and spontaneity.”

“I missed the smell of oil paint in the classroom when remote teaching, but I didn’t miss getting the paint on my trousers when moving students’ artworks. The experience has made me appreciate every moment and realise how much of a privilege it is to be a teacher,” he added.

Music teacher Patrick Nam commented on what he missed most while teaching remotely, “Being able to have a room full of students where there are collaborative discussions, sudden bursts of laughter, smiling faces, the silliness that is sometimes needed in classrooms, and the sound of music and instruments being heard across the classrooms. Conducting my choirs and hearing the beautiful harmonies and music that is made, they are some of the many aspects that allow me to love being a music teacher.”

Mr Nam said he had developed professionally during the online learning experience, “I feel that I have been able to expand my knowledge of implementing 21st Century e-learning techniques which allowed me to grow more as an educator.”

He praised the students for how they too had adapted, “I am so proud of the girls for their strength and effort in these times, I can only imagine how hard it would be for some learning away from school, but being able to adapt and support one another is amazing to see.”

All Year 12 students were on site from Monday 4 May with a staged return for all other years to follow.