Newsletter | Fortnight ending 3 June 2016

Principals Message

Dear Loreto Community Members,

Of interest recently, was the announcement by the Vatican of the publication of a new magazine which will focus on the voice of women in the Church. A Vatican spokesman said the new magazine, Women-Church-World, serves not only to make the presence of women in the Church known, but to "pave the way to a new and positive habit" of listening to women.

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Loreto Dance Troupe

In 2015, a new Loreto Dance Troupe was developed by the wonderful Ms Mandi Whittaker and a small group of Loreto students. In 2016 the Troupe has come back better than ever. We now have two amazing and experienced dance teachers, Ms Mandi teaching the Lyrical Troupe and Miss Rhiannon Villareal for Jazz. This year these teachers welcomed a whole new group of students with a wide range of dance experience into the Troupes and created two new brilliant dances. Miss Rhiannon has choreographed an upbeat jazz routine with hip hop elements, whilst Ms Mandi has created a technically and emotionally stunning lyrical piece. Learning these two dances has been a wonderful experience and we all have loved being taught from such experienced and knowledgeable dance teachers.

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Religious Studies Report

With examinations and assessments now completed it has been a busy term and a half for all our students. Year 7 has been focused on the role of community and importantly the place of Mary Ward and Mother Gonzaga Barry in making us, here at Kirribilli, a truly Loreto school. The Year 7 students made short movies as an explanation for our Sister Loreto School in Timor Leste. The objective was to show the spirit of a Loreto education and could include works of either Mary Ward or Mother Gonzaga Barry. The students displayed a rich creativity and imagination in their presentations and are to be congratulated for their efforts.

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