May 1, 2020

LK Connect’s ‘Women in Property’ networking event held on 5 March was hosted by Kylie Rampa, CEO of Property, Lendlease, in their offices at Barangaroo. A cross section of 33 ex-student year groups ranging from 1971-2020 together with parents, past parents and current Years 11 and 12 students, attended.

Ex-student Sophie Lloyd (’16), said the evening made her proud to be part of the Loreto Kirribilli community. “As a university student, the value of networking has been repeatedly instilled in me. However, it was not until this night that I fully realised the power of networking and appreciated just how valuable our Loreto community is in allowing us to do so.”

Two different panels of women, including both Loreto ex-students and parents, now working in the Property Industry at Lendlease, spoke about their career path since leaving school and what led them to their current role.

They showcased the diversity of their careers within the Property Industry, with educational backgrounds that included Project Management, Sustainability, Architecture, Law, Engineering, Science and Business. Roles varied from Indigenous Affairs to Project Director to Environmental and Ethical Assessment Advisor, with projects spanning commercial towers, residential buildings and shopping centres. The range of experience embodied by the panellists sparked interesting discussions on how the workforce has changed over time with regards to both gender equality, as well as technological advances.

Former student Simone Gooley (’14) said, “The night was both inspiring and energising hearing from dynamic women outlining the variety of roles within the Property industry.”

LK Connect has been successfully running for one year. In that year, we have held networking evenings for Finance, Media, Law and most recently Property. Mentors and Mentees have been introduced and connections established. We are continuing to grow the program in 2020 and invite Loreto Kirribilli ex-students to apply to be either a mentor or mentee along with encouragement of our parents and past parents to be valuable mentors.

Please contact Antoinette Darin on for further details.