March 24, 2021

Live from Iraq, Oxford University and Sydney, our LK Connect Women in Science evening featured a panel of inspirational ex-student scientists who are forging new frontiers and making a positive difference in the lives of others here and around the world.

Expertly facilitated by Helen Dalley (’74), our Kirribilli scientists showcased their diversity in the areas of communicable diseases, research in chemistry, cellular agriculture and physiotherapy in developing countries and discussed how globalisation has contributed to major scientific advancements through increased collaboration and communication.

Live from Iraq, Therese Powell (’80) highlighted the importance of values and community service required to support developing countries, and the understanding of global health issues required by the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Dr Brianna Heazlewood’s (’02) passion and curiosity for science shone through in her enthusiasm for new approaches and techniques to allow for further research in chemical reactions under cold and controlled conditions.

Fuelled by her interest in medical equity and accessible health care, Dr Sally Ioannides (’00) set out to explore chronic Asthmatic diseases in children and communicable diseases including, most notably, COVID-19.

In addition, we were delighted to hear from Rebecca Screnci (’13), a founding scientist in a startup cultivated Meat Company. Rebecca’s passion for science was first ignited by her Loreto Kirribilli teacher, Miss Wilson.

Our ex-student panellists have all forged new frontiers in scientific research and applied science in developing countries with curiosity, passion and drive for greater social justice.

To learn more about our panellists, click here. 

To view a recording of the evening, click below.