The Loreto sisters of Australia “commit (their) energies and resources to promoting the dignity and liberation of all, particularly of women and children; to challenging unjust systems and structures; to standing with those on the edges of society; to showing reverent care for the earth and all creation.”

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As a school community we are called to be seekers of truth and doers of justice as an integral part of our education of young women. Loreto Kirribilli is a school community focused on justice as a core value of the spirituality and tradition of the IBVM sisters. Mary Ward envisioned justice as personal integrity, based on a harmonious relationship with God, with other people and with the whole of creation.

Following in the footsteps of our foundress, Mary Ward, our School is recognised as a leader in Social Justice. We aspire to educate in and not apart from society and to challenge our students to recognise injustices and help others to rise above them. Our students are encouraged to make a difference, to give to others and to be outspoken on issues of justice and equality.

From Kindergarten our students are involved in fundraising, volunteering and other types of community service throughout their schooling journey. In the Senior Years the focus is on leadership and inspiring action among the entire student body with the students leading several key fundraising, action, awareness and community days throughout the year.

All Social Justice activities aspire to encourage freedom, empathy, personal integrity, compassion, courage and the capacity to reflect upon one’s actions are seen as critical skills to nurture and develop in our students as they grow to become the leaders of tomorrow. The ability to discriminate amongst conflicting claims and perceptions in the world and to discern the deeper truths in their lives is essential and is the ultimate goal of all our Social Justice initiatives.

As well as teaching our students to critically analyse the structures of our society that perpetuate injustice and nurturing in them hearts and minds that are aware of issues of social justice in the world around them, we will also provide them with opportunities to take action themselves.

Examples of this include:

  • Mary Ward International Australia
  • Benenson Society
  • Justice Awareness Appeals
  • Charitable Appeals
  • Brekky Van and Buddies Day
  • Holiday camps, including the Ignatian children’s holiday camp

Community Service

At Loreto Kirribilli, there is a strong belief in the capacity and responsibility of our young women to contribute significantly to society. This belief underlies the Community Service program for Years 10 and 11 students.

All Year 10 students participate in a semester rotation program of Community Service that takes place every Thursday afternoon from lunch onwards. Students attend associations that cater to the homeless, elderly, disabled and young children requiring special care. This semester program includes briefing, debriefing and considerable reflection opportunities.

All Year 11 students attend a week-long Service Ministry Retreat, where they are immersed in Social and Educational Services that support the less advantaged in and around Sydney.