March 8, 2021

UN Women Australia, International Women’s Day Lunch

We were given the privilege of attending the annual UN Women Australia, International Women’s Day lunch. It was an honour to attend and listening to the speeches of young female leaders striving for gender equality, and working towards change was inspiring. The speakers included award-winning author, speaker and youth advocate Yasmin Poole, Elizabeth Broderick AO and the Australian of the Year, Grace Tame.

The theme for the day was ‘Women in Leadership’, which was highly evident in the range of diverse and youthful speakers. Of inspiration to us was Grace Tame, whose powerful leadership skills and influence we can see trickling down into our own world, with the discussions surrounding consent education happening across Sydney high schools now. We had the privilege of briefly speaking to Grace at the end of the event and were struck by her warm and open nature, as well as her fantastic speaking skills, and inspiring message of empowerment.

From the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Human Rights Councillors

International Women’s Day Catholic Schools NSW Breakfast

We listened to Her Excellency, the Honourable Margaret Beazley AO, Governor of New South Wales, discuss, in the shadow of the many years in a male-dominated industry, the power of autonomy and the, perhaps unconscious, attempts of her co-workers to silence the voice of an increasingly powerful, ambitious young woman. “I was a senior lawyer sitting at the bar table with a male junior [lawyer], and the juniors are supposed to take notes from the deposition. Anyway, the junior leans over to me and says, ‘did you get that one down, sweetheart’.” There was a loud chorus of groans from the women sitting around us. This had been a universal experience that had somehow permeated through years of legislative and cultural progress towards equality, years of loudening discourse about women’s injustice, years of women finding a voice to share their experience.

We go to a school where voice is fostered, promoted and celebrated. When we leave the confines of the school grounds, it is a harsh reality that they do not want to hear when you speak. It is in these moments that autonomy or authenticity to oneself is crucial in maintaining your identity and felicity.

It was an honour for Bella and me to attend the International Women’s Day breakfast with Mrs Dickinson, and we hope that their message of ‘choosing to challenge’ finds its place in the year 2021 and the lived experiences of those in the Catholic Schools system.

From the School Vice Captain


On Campus at Loreto Kirribilli

Loreto Kirribilli girls came together showing their pride as women leading and shaping the future. The quad was a sea of purple ribbons as girls demonstrated their passion for female empowerment. At recess, Year 12 students who are active members of the Benenson Society gathered together on the front drive to write in chalk statistics relating to female inequality in the world and the workplace. Junior School students congregated as well, engaging in conversations with the senior students about the significance of International Women’s Day to Loreto Kirribilli. We hope that a conversation was sparked amongst students, and that we were able to share the feeling of empowerment, and desire for change that we feel so strongly.

From the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Human Rights Councillors