How do I obtain an Application for Enrolment Form?
An Information Pack which includes the Application for Enrolment Form can be obtained by submitting an Information Pack Request via our website here

How do I submit my Application for Enrolment Form?
Completed Application for Enrolment Forms can be emailed to Once received, your application will be date stamped and an acknowledgement will be sent to confirm receipt, usually within 2-3 weeks. Please be aware that unfortunately hard copy Application for Enrolment Forms cannot be accepted at this time.

When should I submit an application for my daughter?
We encourage families to apply as soon after birth as possible.

Does my daughter have to be baptised before I apply?
No. A copy of your daughter’s Baptismal Certificate should be forwarded to within 12 months of birth.

Entry Points

When can my daughter join Loreto Kirribilli?
Intake years are Kindergarten, Year 5 and Year 7. Limited places may be available outside of these entry points. Please contact us for more information.

How old should my daughter be to start Kindergarten?
Your daughter should be 5 years of age before 30 April in the year of entry.

Can I change my daughter’s year of entry after my application has been submitted?
Yes. Should you decide to change your daughter’s year of entry, she will be added to the relevant Waiting List based on her age at the original date of application, not the date the change was made.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I defer my daughter’s enrolment once a place has been offered?
Yes. Should you defer your daughter’s application to a later entry point, she will be placed on the relevant Waiting List based on her age at the original date of application, not the date the change was made.

Please note, however, enrolment in the future will be subject to our Enrolment Policy and availability at that time and a previous offer of a place is not a guarantee a place will be offered again in the future.

Is special consideration given to families who relocate from interstate or overseas?
Due to the large number of early applicants, unfortunately we are unable to give special consideration to families who relocate.

Enrolment Policy

What is your Enrolment Policy?
We place all applicants on a Waiting List and applications are processed based on age at date of application, with first preference given to Catholics who meet other enrolment requirements.

Special consideration for younger siblings is only given at the commencement of Year 7 when an older sibling commenced in Year 7, or in Kindergarten when an older sibling commenced in Kindergarten. There is no sibling preference for entry into Year 5.

Does my daughter have to be baptised Catholic?
We give preference to Catholic girls who have participated in the sacramental program at their Parish and can provide a recent Parish reference. Should we reach the end of our Waiting List for baptised Catholic families, we move on to non-Catholic girls based on their age at date of application. Due to the length of our Waiting Lists, we have unfortunately been unable to offer interviews for entry in Year 5 or 7 to non-Catholic girls for some years.

Enrolment Process

When can I expect to be contacted about my daughter’s enrolment with you?

  • Year 7 2 ½ years prior to entry, when your daughter is in Year 4
  • Year 5 2 years prior to entry, when your daughter is in Year 3
  • Kindergarten approx. 20 months prior to entry

When will I know the outcome of my daughter’s application?

  • Year 7 approx. 20 months prior to entry, when your daughter is in Year 5
  • Year 5 approx. 18 months prior to entry, when your daughter is in Year 3
  • Kindergarten approx. 16 months prior to entry

School Tours

When can we come and visit the school?
School tours take place twice per term. Please visit our School Tours page to check dates and times and to register your attendance. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests for tours outside of these dates.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Are scholarships or bursaries available at Loreto Kirribilli?
Our model of financial support at Loreto Kirribilli is a bursary model. Temporary bursary assistance for tuition fees may be available upon application to current students enrolled in the school where a family experiences unforeseen financial hardship. Further information is available here.

In addition, a limited number of Cosack tuition fee bursaries are available upon application to waitlisted ex-student families who fulfil specific criteria. We must reach your daughter on our Waiting List before your family can be considered.

Full Fee Paying International Students

Can I attend Loreto Kirribilli as a full fee paying international student?
Loreto Kirribilli is not a registered Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) Provider and as such we are unable to accept full fee paying international students.