LK Connect Mentoring and Networking Program is designed to assist the ex-students of Loreto Kirribilli by providing a vital link between existing talent and expertise within the Loreto Kirribilli Community and the raw potential of ex-students on the brink of their future careers. Mentors are perfectly placed to assist Loreto girls as they navigate their career path.

Among our former students, past and current parents, we have both women and men who have excelled in their chosen fields and who would be ideal in helping to guide former students in their chosen careers.

Mentor roles are open to all former Loreto Kirribilli students, current or past parents, who have a minimum five years’ experience in their profession. We hope you see this as a wonderful opportunity to share your knowledge and skill in your chosen field, to give valuable advice and guidance, develop your leadership skills and perhaps even gain insights into the next generation of professionals.

We want our Mentors to be a driving force in supporting Loreto women to take their place in the rapidly changing professional world by helping them meet the ever-expanding career requirements they will face. To act as a guide, a support and to offer help where necessary as well as offer insight gained from real life experience.

Mentees may have recently graduated from university or tertiary education, or even be several years into their career and looking for a new direction.

LK Connect is a further extension of a Loreto education and an opportunity for new graduates, or those seeking new challenges, to learn and grow from Mentors with extensive experience in their profession.

LK Connect will match Mentors and Mentees depending on their career goals, industry, experience and the outcomes they hope to achieve in this program. We hope to draw from a wide range of careers and, for Mentees, this is a chance to learn from those at the coal-face to develop networking opportunities and contacts and gain valuable insight into your chosen industry.

LK Connect will provide Loreto girls with our unfailing support and offer them every chance possible to succeed. By harnessing the various talent we have, we can build a pathway to the future for Loreto students.

If you would like more information, please contact Antoinette Darin at LK Connect, under the guidance of Debbie Henry in the Development Office.

Links to the application forms to be both a Mentor and a Mentee can be found below.

Mentor Application

Mentee Application