Loreto Kirribilli has developed a long-term Masterplan so that the School’s physical environment continues to support our vision for girls’ education.

It is our responsibility to offer relevant and contemporary education which inspires and engages the girls for a future that is rapidly changing through technological advances and a job market demanding new and evolving skills.

2018 marked the 110th anniversary of our School on its current site at Kirribilli, and it was timely to ask how we can project the vision and values of our founders into the next century.

A component of our vision is a 50 year Masterplan to gradually redevelop or replace buildings with dynamic, versatile spaces and studios, which will foster cross-curricular and innovative learning, including STEM; enable us to better utilise our landlocked site; and enhance the site’s accessibility for people with disabilities.

Each phase will commence after community consultation and when sufficient funds have been raised through our capital appeal.

Innovation Centre


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