The inclusion of Loreto Kirribilli in your Will is a lasting and wonderful way to contribute to the ongoing legacy of Mary Ward and to maintain your link with the educational philosophy of the Loreto Sisters. Loreto Kirribilli’s excellence today is due in no small part to the generosity of past generations and we urge you to consider this option for the benefit of future students at Loreto, just as the Heaton family did, by generously helping with the purchase of Elamang in 1907. Many other individuals and families since have assisted in this way, contributing to the acquisition of land and the development of buildings that make Loreto the excellent centre of learning it is today.

Some suggested wording for a Bequest to Loreto Kirribilli can be found in the Bequest Intention Document and may help you in the preparation of your Will. It is recommended that you seek legal advice before preparing such a document. Should you wish to advise the school of your intentions, your private information would be held in the utmost confidence. The joy of divulging this information prior to its implementation would give us the opportunity to thank you during your lifetime.

Bequest Intention Document (PDF document)