April 20, 2020

Staff are delighted to welcome all Kindergarten to Year 12 students back on campus for full time, face-to-face learning.

Students are excited to reconnect both with each other and with teaching staff while everyone on campus adheres to the new normal of regular hand sanitising and sensible distancing.

Year 12 students returned to school in Week 1 of Term 2 to spend time on their major works with Drama and Visual Arts, Music and then Design and Technology students the first back on campus. Other year groups were introduced back on site gradually with Years 1 to 6, initially attending on a rotational basis, the final classes to return on site full time.

Assistant to the Head of Junior School, Mrs Linda Walburn remarked,

“We were all so thrilled to have the girls back for face-to-face learning. Their beaming smiles said it all as they skipped and sanitised their way through the school day.”

While students thanked their teachers for the speed at which lessons were transitioned online, both Junior and Senior students were delighted to be stepping back through the school gates. Year 10 girls commented,

“It is so good to be able to see friends and the teachers again,” and “I didn’t realise how much I would miss the little things, like walking to class chatting to friends and even going to lessons!”

Staff and students are adhering to appropriate protocols on social distancing and hygiene, and campus access is restricted to staff and students. Staggered school start and finish times have also been introduced.