Loreto Kirribilli Limited, a registered Company under the Corporations Act 2001, has a governing School Board of eight directors appointed by Loreto Ministries Limited, plus the Principal. Directors are appointed for an initial term of three years which is renewable. The Board has two sub committees: a Finance Committee and a Building Committee. The Principal is appointed by the Board with the approval of the Province Leader. The Board meets at least twice per term and has, in addition, a Retreat at which it considers governance and strategic long term planning issues. The Finance and Building Committees also meet on average twice per term. All directors of the governing body and its sub-committees are responsible persons of good character in both the moral and legal interpretation of those terms.

Additionally a stated responsibility of the School Board is to ensure that the school complies with all legislation, State and Federal. This includes the responsibility to ensure that all appropriate records are maintained and to report as required to the Australian Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and the NSW Minister for Education. For operational purposes, this responsibility is delegated to the Principal who reports to the Board at each of its meetings. The Business Manager / Company Secretary has the delegated responsibility for financial reporting and census completion.

The Principal is not a director of the School Board, but attends, as of right, every meeting of the Board. The School Board is composed of a mix of people with a rich and varied set of skills including; education, law, finance, communication, parenting, building, planning and development. These people have as their prime purpose the fulfilment of the educational mission of the Loreto Sisters.

The School Board is responsible for the governance of the School and delegates to the Principal the management and conduct of the School. The Principal provides a comprehensive report to the Board at each meeting. As well, throughout the year when necessary or appropriate, the Board receives reports from various staff members on particular areas of their operations.

Board of Directors

Ms Sheila McGregor, Chair of Board

Ms Yvonne Le Bas

Ms Kate McElhone

Mrs Kate Greenhill

Ms Karen Dado

Mr John Halley SC

Mr Niall Ronan

Professor Br David Hall FMS