Our vision at Loreto Kirribilli is for all students to strive for excellence for themselves, their peers and their community. We encourage all students to be passionate about their educational journey and courageous as they embrace the inevitable challenges that come with deep understanding. A well-educated student should know they can make a difference both locally and globally.

It is my view that we come to school to be more than we are; we attend lessons to strive for understanding in a complex world; we play sport, we row, we swim, we run to push ourselves beyond what we know we can already do; we perform on stage to defeat the fears that hold us back; we paint and play music to discover beauty; and we seek at Mass, communion that is infinitely greater than ourselves.

Effort in these domains makes for a great education: it is intellectual, physical, cultural, social and spiritual in its dimensions. I am delighted to be able to contribute to the leadership of a school in which all of these facets of an education are so highly valued.

Today’s students are accomplished digital learners, but it is a Loreto Kirribilli education that will empower our girls to become true media-literate world citizens as they research, analyse, synthesise, critique and evaluate their way in the 21st and 22nd centuries.

A Loreto Kirribilli education addresses the needs of the whole child and is not limited to curriculum design purely centred on workplace readiness. Rather, a Loreto Kirribilli education prepares students for the challenges of life; as each student flourishes in their own way, they do so with the support, strength and confidence instilled in them as Loreto Kirribilli women.

All schools will say they have a unique spirit, but none that I have known has shown its character so clearly, so quickly and so openly, as this school. It is a privilege indeed to be a part of such a strong community.

Mr Daniel Mahon
Deputy Principal