Principal's message
“What the world needs is a wise, lovable and well-educated woman”
Mother Gonzaga Barry IBVM

This quote reminds us, that there was a time when girls were denied an education and as a result were unable to use education to make a difference in our world. In many countries there are still those who deny girls access to education. We are inspired by the wisdom and courage of our founder Mary Ward and Mother Gonzaga Barry for challenging this world view and giving us the courage to do the same.

Our school and its philosophy draws on the Gospels and also from the words of our founder. Her message was so visionary that it continues to inspire Loreto schools to the present day, offering a Catholic education that liberates, empowers and motivates young women to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in responsible and loving service.

Loreto Kirribilli girls are nurtured to be wise, loving, spirited young women, inspired to seek knowledge and wisdom throughout their lives. Our outstanding teachers support and challenge our girls so that they flourish as confident, creative and highly successful learners. Loreto girls are educated to be women of faith, developing positive relationships with each other. Through discernment and a spirit of gratitude they strive to realise the Loreto values of felicity, sincerity, verity, freedom and justice. The pages of our website demonstrate our girls' passion for learning as they continuously achieve outstanding results, not only academically, but in the vast array of extra-curricular pursuits in which they enthusiastically engage. You will read about the school's history, charism, curricular and co-curricular offerings and about the various groups which form part of our wider school community and contribute so positively and passionately.

Mary Ward wrote "...women also should and can provide something more than ordinary in the face of the common need." At Loreto, we strive to provide an education with "something more". I hope that you will take the opportunity to look at the photographs and images throughout this website. The faces of these beautiful girls will tell you something about Loreto Kirribilli which words cannot adequately describe: our sense of joy and spirit. We call it Felicity.

Anna Dickinson (Mrs)