Loreto Link
Overview of Loreto Link
Established in 2004, Loreto Link is instrumental in bringing together the many constituent groups across the extended Loreto family for the benefit of students and parents, past and present, as well as staff, religious of the IBVM and friends of Loreto worldwide. Its focus is to promote networking and career direction through our vast Loreto community from a platform of common values. In our complex world, Loreto Link represents an inclusive network which draws on the ethos of the Loreto Sisters and the determination of our founder, Mary Ward, to be “congruous with the times” when educating young women. The Loreto Link is the active expression of an obvious connection which exists between all individuals and groups who have had or still enjoy an association with Loreto schools – it is a meeting place for past, present and future associates of Loreto.

Loreto Link forums provide regular opportunities for communication between these people to be nurtured and promoted. The daisy symbol associated with Loreto Link represents the “fresh” view of our established community while the “daisy chain” which depicts elements of the Loreto crest, underlines this important connection. At the heart of a Loreto education is a commitment to the future of our students and Loreto Link aims to celebrate the achievements of our many ex-students, families and friends, drawing on these vast experiences to promote vocational and business interaction within the Loreto Kirribilli community. In this way, the leadership qualities of our young women will be encouraged in order to enhance their capacity for change in society.

Loreto Link

Loreto Link Brochure
Loreto Link is the conduit through which all members of the extended Loreto family have access to one another. The enormous business and career potential of the Loreto network creates the means by which students and ex-students, parents, friends and associates of Loreto can contribute to the lifelong education and promotion of Loreto Kirribilli girls at a tertiary, professional and social justice level.

We aim to recognise, promote and celebrate the achievements of our parents and ex-students, providing hope and inspiration for younger members of Loreto Link, using our network to supply role models, mentors and helpful ideas from others who have entered their professions with a strong value base.

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