Inter-house competition
Activities and Competitions
  • Swimming Carnival / Water Ballet (Term 1)
  • Drama Festival (Term 1)
  • Athletics Carnival (Term 2)
  • Music Festival (Term 2)
  • Debating (Term 4)
Water Ballet
Enrolment is via registration form given out to all students..

All training sessions are compulsory. Failure to attend will result in elimination from the team.

Trainings: 2 mornings/week 7:15am start
  2 afternoons/week
  2 Sunday mornings

Training will commence in the first week of school.

There will be compulsory training from 7am to 12:30pm. on the two Sundays prior to the Carnival.

Swimming and Athletics Carnivals
Entry is taken on the day for most events. Sign up for a number of events will take place in the week before the Carnival. Each student must compete in at least one event. Students may enter any event they wish. There is no limit to the number of events.

Music Festival
In a spirit of celebration, the Loreto Kirribilli Music Festival aims to give every student an opportunity to perform and to share her gifts with others. The Festival is coordinated by the school music department, but it is primarily the work of the students. Over the Music Festival fortnight, the students enter items to represent their House. They work closely with each other and support the efforts of all involved. In addition, a final concert is held which showcases but a small sample of student talent. The depth and range of talents is best appreciated by attending performances during the adjudications.

Music Festival Commitments for Year 7
Year 7 students are expected to enter at least ONE item for the Music Festival. (Students may enter more if they wish, however we do urge them to balance this load with their other school sporting commitments.)

The single entry may be in House Choir, Folk Group, Creative Dance or an individual entry if after school rehearsals cause problems with transport. In this instance, a student would prepare her own item at home or during lunch if she were performing in a group. Students could perform a song learnt in Music lessons or a piece learnt in the Keyboard Lab. If a student chooses this option, she must complete an entry form and give it to her Music Captain. Forms are available from the Music rooms.

If students join a House item they must be prepared to honour the rehearsal expectations required. These usually involve lunch rehearsals and two rehearsals after hours, before or after school. The entries for these items are completed by the Music or Dance Captains. Students are awarded Spirit points for every entry and may also win House points and ribbons if their item attains a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Highly Commended placing during the adjudications.

The Music staff see a vast array of items during the two week adjudication period.

The Music staff and the Principal decide which items will make up the final Music Festival Concert. Items are generally chosen from 1st place winners of the various sections however the concert program needs to be a showcase of the many different musical styles. Achieving first place of a section does not guarantee a place in the Music Festival Concert.

Drama Festival
The Drama Festival is held in February of each year and is managed by the Drama Department. The Festival provides a wonderful opportunity for students to celebrate the performing arts by participating as either directors, performers, technical crew or backstage crew. The Festival allows students not only to celebrate drama and theatre, but also encourages students to explore the process of rehearsing and preparing a scripted play for performance to an audience. Through this process students gain confidence, understand and value the importance of teamwork, whilst embracing the Loreto value of Felicity.

Drama Festival Leadership
The Drama Festival supports the school's philosophy of student leadership. Through the structures and processes that have been set in place, students in Years Eleven and Twelve are encouraged to take responsibility and ownership of the festival. Each house has an elected Drama Captain and Vice Captain whose responsibility is to lead their cast through the process of rehearsals to the final performance. The captains are supported by the involvement of members of the Performing Arts Council and the Sound and Light Council.

Drama Vice Captains are elected in Year Ten and assume their responsibility as Drama Captain in the following year. Therefore it is important for all students who wish to become a Drama Vice Captain that they will hold the position for two years. The Drama Vice Captain automatically becomes the Drama Captain.

Both the Drama Vice-Captain and the Drama Captain will be responsible for:

  • Selection of a play
  • Development of a directorial concept including design and technical requirements
  • Organisation of rehearsal schedule
  • Casting
  • Planning and running of auditions
  • Planning of rehearsal activities
  • Provided encouragement, advice and constructive criticism to cast
The Process
In Term 4 of the current year, the Drama Captains select plays for approval.

The plays are to be of one act and no more than 30 minutes in length.

Plays may be sourced from a variety of sources including adaptations of longer plays or short stories.

Auditions and casting may begin once the play has been approved.

Rehearsals commence once the play has been cast.

Rehearsals are negotiated with the Drama captains and the head of the Performing Arts Council. These are usually held before school, lunchtimes and after school. Although staff members will visit rehearsals there will not be adult supervision at every rehearsal.

On the Sunday prior to the festival performance all houses are allocated a three-hour block of time in Centenary Hall to show their performance and receive comments and advice from the Drama Department. It is expected that the performance be in the last stages of preparation at this rehearsal.

During the week of the Drama Festival, a dress rehearsal is held. This is the final opportunity for the students to rehearse their performance.

Drama Festival Performance
The Drama Festival Performance is usually held later in the week.

An invited adjudicator attends the performance.

Awards are presented to the house that performs the best play and the house that has demonstrated the best display of house spirit.

All students, except Year Seven, are invited to audition for roles in the Festival plays. Each student is only permitted to audition for her house.

Students are cast based on their suitability for the role. This is at the discretion of the Captain and Vice- Captain.

Students are encouraged to volunteer for other duties including backstage crew, set painters, makeup and hair stylists etc.

All students who participate in the festival receive one spirit point for their house.

Drama Festival tickets are available for sale one week prior to the Festival performance.

Students who participate in the festival are given priority when tickets go on sale.

The ticket price is set to cover the costs of running the festival.

If students are cast in a role or given an area of responsibility they are required to attend all rehearsals as required.

All Drama Festival participants must be available for the Sunday rehearsal.

All Drama Festival participants must be available for the Dress rehearsal.

Rehearsal venues are to be kept clean and tidy.