Extra Curricular Activities
This is our vision: that Loreto schools offer a Catholic education which liberates, empowers and motivates students to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service.

Each year Loreto Kirribilli publishes a booklet for the Senior School which outlines the extra curricular activities of the school. The booklet is given to families when they are new to the school. This booklet gives more detail about:
  • Sporting teams and competitions
  • Music groups
  • The Duke of Edinburgh scheme
  • Debating, Public Speaking and Mock trial
  • Social Justice groups
  • Art and Photography groups
  • groups and competitions for intellectual stimulation
  • Inter House Competition
  • All extra curricular activities operate outside the timetable of the school day.
Students in the Junior School are given opportunities to develop skills in Debating and Public Speaking with the higher grades able to enter competitions. The Junior School also has an annual Musical. Groups and competitions for intellectual stimulation are also held in the Junior School. Junior school students are able to be part of sporting teams and competitions as appropriate for their age.