“Women in time to come will do much.”

Mary Ward

These words were spoken all the way back in the 17th century by founder of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin, Mary Ward. Although context and times have changed significantly, her words transcend temporal disparities to underpin all that a Loreto education strives to achieve – that is, to enable young women to change a world so desperately in need of empowered young women.

Loreto Kirribilli is more than just a school. Whilst achieving outstanding academic results, Loreto facilitates growth far beyond marks. It’s a place that nurtures the holistic growth of girls to become confident, caring, exceedingly capable, conscientious and spirited young women. Every day at school we are implored to act beyond ourselves and our school gates, with particular emphasis on social justice. All this is rooted in love, a value with which the world could always do  a lot more. We are not just implored, but obligated to work for a good greater than ourselves. A massive component of that is awareness to put a stop to the ignorance that sustains so many social injustices. Education, thus, is at the very heart of Loreto’s longstanding commitment to the betterment of the greater community as “seekers of truth and doers of justice,” in the steps of Mary Ward.

If asked to describe the school in one word, the characterisation which springs to mind for friends and students of Loreto would undoubtedly be “spirited.” Loreto is a community bound together by a profound generosity of spirit. For students, this manifests itself in active participation in the array of opportunities offered by the school and a celebration of the successes of our peers. The soundtrack to a Loreto day is laughter and chatter; this is a school that works to see the triumph of felicity in the everyday. It’s with that sincere felicity that an environment is formed that is conducive to Loreto girls achieving their best in all facets of their lives. Loreto prides itself on its diversity and the wealth of opportunities available to us girls. No matter what our strengths are, (or aren’t), there’s an outlet for everyone – whether that’s in the classroom or on the sports field, or at one of our much-anticipated music, dance or drama events. This enables an authenticity and freedom of self within Loreto – whereby the individual attributes of us girls are not just accepted, but encouraged.

Loreto Kirribilli is amongst a network of seven Loreto schools in Australia connected through the shared values of Freedom, Verity, Felicity, Sincerity and Justice. Equipped with education and a profound understanding of our obligation to use our opportunities for a greater good, Loreto girls truly will “come to do much.”

I am incredibly proud to be part of a community of such felicity and spirit.

Laura Ferguson
School Captain 2018