“Women in time to come will do much.”

Mary Ward

Loreto Kirribilli provides an education like no other, one that truly empowers and motivates women to be the best individuals they can be. There is no tool more useful for young women than an outstanding education, one which is more than provided for at Loreto Kirribilli.

As a Catholic school, Loreto is an environment that nurtures the holistic growth of girls to become confident, caring, exceedingly capable, conscientious and faith-filled young women. The community at Loreto Kirribilli caters for all students no matter their strengths, weaknesses or abilities, something that makes me extremely proud. Every student is encouraged to be who they are and to get involved whether they are musically, academically, socially or athletically gifted. Every girl will have an opportunity to use her abilities in a supportive and encouraging environment. Since Year 5, I have witnessed the remarkable way Loreto Kirribilli supports its students to not just excel to the best of their ability in the HSC, but even more to excel in life. The values and lessons learnt at Loreto Kirribilli grow far deeper than those learnt in the classroom, they are the values that will stay with students for life.

The Loreto Kirribilli community has an inspiring focus on social justice and there are countless issues throughout the year to get behind and support. A Loreto Kirribilli girl is selfless, passionate and devoted to making the world a better place. A Loreto education is enriching in providing the skills to go out into the world and truly make a difference. As Mary Ward once said, “Women in time to come will do much,” and Loreto Kirribilli girls are certainly doing much.

My time spent at this school has most certainly shaped the person I am for the better and I have enjoyed every single moment. The spirit, enthusiasm and care that goes into every single day at this school is truly what makes it so special. My school years at my beloved Loreto Kirribilli have undoubtedly been the best years of my life.

I am so honoured to be a part of the Loreto Kirribilli community and even more so, I am incredibly proud and always will be, to call myself a Loreto Kirribilli girl!


Charlotte Kearney
School Captain