Gospel and Loreto values inform our approach to and processes for addressing community concerns.

Loreto Kirribilli acknowledges that parents and other community members have a right to raise concerns and have them addressed by the appropriate staff member. These concerns will be handled objectively, with sensitivity, and not in a reactive manner. They will be handled promptly and settled at the appropriate level, including feedback as to the outcome. Similarly, Loreto Kirribilli staff have a right to be treated with courtesy and respect when community members are raising concerns. If a concern relates to the conduct of a staff member, then the staff member is entitled to know the details of the complaint against them, including the name of the person raising the concern, the specific details of the complaint and be given the opportunity to respond. However if the complaint relates to an allegation of serious misconduct of sexual, physical or emotional abuse, the Principal will immediately follow the processes outlined in the school’s Child Protection Policy and Procedures rather than these guidelines.

What to do

In the first instance, parents are encouraged to directly contact the staff member with whom they have a concern or the staff member responsible for the matter that is causing unease. If, following this discussion, the parent does not feel the matter to be resolved, and wants to pursue the matter further, the appropriate channels are:

All matters in the Junior School

Head of the Junior School

Teaching & Learning matters in the Senior School

Director of Teaching & Learning

Pastoral Care matters in the Senior School

Director of Student Wellbeing

All other matters in the Senior School

Deputy Principal